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EPA Pushing the Limits

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is standing behind a policy that would require a four-gallon minimum fuel purchase from pumps that dispense gasoline with 10 percent ethanol (E10) and 15 percent ethanol (E15) fuel from the same hose.


Imagine a world where government ethanol mandates work as they are intended to—with high ethanol-blend fuels efficiently powering all cars, boats, motorcycles and every small engine imaginable.

Take Action Against Hunger on World Food Day

This Friday, as we honor World Food Day, we are reminded of a harsh reality: what should be a basic human right is inaccessible to many.

Americans Tell the EPA: Stop this Ethanol Nightmare!

Public comments against the EPA’s recent ethanol mandate proposal are pouring in during an open comment period that ends on Monday, July 27.

Convenient Timing: Scott Walker Flips Position on RFS to Gain Iowa Favor Prior to Presidential Run

Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, now a 2016 presidential candidate, used to oppose the federal ethanol mandate on the basis of principle. Not anymore—not with Iowa standing between him and the nation’s highest office.

Anti-Ethanol Mandate Advocates Meet with EPA, Legislators in RFS Day of Action

A motorcyclist, a bison farmer and a boater walk into the EPA. Unfortunately for the ethanol lobby, this one doesn’t end with a punchline.

Wasting Water on Ethanol Amid California Drought

Californians are currently experiencing one of the worst and most persistent droughts on record.

Presidential Hopefuls Address ‘Elephant in the Room’ at Iowa Ag Summit

All eyes were on Iowa this weekend for the Iowa Agriculture Summit, with speculation flying around whether presidential hopefuls would bow to the pressure of Big Ethanol.

Action in 2015

In 2015, we need Congress to take action on this failing policy.

The Ethanol Mandate’s Effect on Farmers

The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), despite its original intentions to protect our environment and increase corn prices, has become just another form of corporate welfare, benefiting ethanol producers while average farms struggle to remain competitive.

Smarter Fuel Future Advocates’ Ethanol Warning Labels

Advocates for Smarter Fuel Future design warning label that show the horrors of ethanol.

Ethanol Lobby’s Solution to Ethanol Glut – Use More Ethanol.

In order to prevent Americans from hitting the blend wall, the EPA proposed lowering the 2014 mandate. With this proposal came major political pressure from ethanol makers and now the EPA is considering backing down.