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Presidential Hopefuls Address ‘Elephant in the Room’ at Iowa Ag Summit

All eyes were on Iowa this weekend for the Iowa Agriculture Summit, with speculation flying around whether presidential hopefuls would bow to the pressure of Big Ethanol.

What’s in your water? Ethanol mandates.

Increased fertilizer runoff is just another unintended consequence of the Renewable Fuel Standard that’s doing more harm to the environment that good. As the level of ethanol mandated grows each year, more land acreage is devoted to grow corn to make it.

The Hill: Repeal or reform the RFS

By 2017, combined U.S. and Canadian imports will be less than three million barrels a day of crude oil – half of current levels. But all this good news begs the question: why are gas prices still so high?

Take Action Now! Tell the EPA to Waive Ethanol Mandates in Light of Historic Drought

89 percent of the nation’s corn crop has been affected by the drought—a problem worsened by the RFS, which allocates 40 percent of the diminished corn supply to ethanol production.

Directory of Petitions to the EPA

156 House Representatives, 25 Senators and Governors from 10 states have petitioned the EPA to waive the ethanol mandate in the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). Below is a directory of links to the letters: