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Reno Gazette-Journal Online: No real benefits to ethanol mandate

Diversion of more than a third of our nation’s corn crop to ethanol production has increased not only the price of corn, but the price of every corn-containing product and the price of all corn-fed livestock.

USA Today: AAA Warns E15 Gasoline Could Cause Car Damage

The AAA says the Environmental Protection Agency and gasoline retailers should halt the sale of E15, a new ethanol blend that could damage millions of vehicles and void car warranties.

USA Today: With 15% Ethanol Gas, 1 Gallon Won’t Be Enough

The Auto Alliance, a trade association that represents 11 major automakers, raised concerns last May about potential engine failures. "Automakers did not build these vehicles to handle the more corrosive E15 fuel," Alliance President Mitch Bainwol said in a statement.