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The Hill: Consumers don’t want ethanol

The scientific and economic reality is that ethanol is much more costly to produce than gasoline, while providing 27 percent lower fuel economy than gasoline on an energy equivalent basis. Hence consumers have to purchase more fuel to drive the same distances.

E&E News: Bipartisan House bill would slash RFS requirements

Lawmakers plan to unveil a bipartisan reform bill today that would shrink the renewable fuel standard and reverse U.S. EPA's decision to allow more ethanol in gasoline.

Take Action Now! Tell the EPA to Waive Ethanol Mandates in Light of Historic Drought

89 percent of the nation’s corn crop has been affected by the drought—a problem worsened by the RFS, which allocates 40 percent of the diminished corn supply to ethanol production.

Directory of Petitions to the EPA

156 House Representatives, 25 Senators and Governors from 10 states have petitioned the EPA to waive the ethanol mandate in the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). Below is a directory of links to the letters: