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Fox News: Fast food price hikes blamed on government support of corn-based ethanol

From the grocery store to your favorite takeout joint to the drive-thru window, you're paying more for what you eat and leaders in the fast food industry say the reason for these increased costs is the federal government's continued support of corn-based ethanol.

The Daily Journal: Restaurants: Ethanol Rules Will Raise Meal Prices

Diners may have to pay more for their favorite chain restaurant meal in the coming years because of billions of dollars in extra costs generated by a federal mandate requiring ethanol to be be blended into the country’s gasoline supply, according to a new study.

Bloomberg Businessweek: Beef Herd Tumbles to 40-Year Low After Feed Costs Surge

The worst U.S. drought in a half century and record feed prices are spurring farmers to shrink cattle herds to the smallest in two generations, driving beef prices higher.