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Presidential Hopefuls Address ‘Elephant in the Room’ at Iowa Ag Summit

All eyes were on Iowa this weekend for the Iowa Agriculture Summit, with speculation flying around whether presidential hopefuls would bow to the pressure of Big Ethanol.

The Hill: Consumers don’t want ethanol

The scientific and economic reality is that ethanol is much more costly to produce than gasoline, while providing 27 percent lower fuel economy than gasoline on an energy equivalent basis. Hence consumers have to purchase more fuel to drive the same distances.

Consumer Reports: E15 Gasoline is Chief Worry at Outdoor-Equipment Show

Even E10 can have harmful effects on the small, non-road engines used in outdoor power equipment. Without ethanol in the fuel, gas to which you've added a stabilizer like Sta-Bil could sit in an engine for a month or two without harmful effects. Consumers and Biofuels

Regardless of party, is to pay more attention to your constituents and less to your favorite lobbyist. The people are watching.

Hot Air: Is Ethanol Now the “Biofuels Solyndra?”

EPA has continued to ignore significant contrary evidence that shows E15 can cause engine damage, and that mound of evidence is growing. The Coordinating Research Council just released a study that shows E15 can cause engine damage even in new cars.