The Ethanol Mandate is Hurting the Boating Community

May 13, 2015

People boat to get away from the world. They come to the water to relax, to enjoy life.

But these days, folks get out on the water—wind in their face and sun at their back—just to have the boat…glug, glug, glug to a halt. Dead in the water.

The culprit is often high-ethanol fuel blends that can damage marine engines. Terry Hill, owner of boat service company Potomac Marine, explains why.

What it comes down to is this: Marine engines simply aren’t made to run on ethanol. Nonetheless, with little regard to boaters, the federal government continues to impose ethanol fuel mandates through the Renewable Fuel Standard, wrecking boaters’ engines, emptying their pocketbooks and sometimes leaving them stranded on the water.

As Terry Hill put it, the RFS is “chasing people out of boating.” This bad policy has forced people to retire from their hobby, and that’s bad business for folks like Terry in the boating industry, who now must suffer the economic consequences: fewer boaters, fewer customers.

Many boaters would agree the RFS has tanked. Tell your representatives in Washington that you demand reform. It is possible—we just need your voice. Whether you’re a boater, or an anti-RFS enthusiast, take action against ethanol mandates here