The Ethanol Mandate Threatens Bikers’ Way of Life

August 27, 2015

“The ethanol mandate just hits too close to home for me to sit and talk about it. It’s something that demands my action.”

Bill Byrne, a motorcyclist from Brooklyn, New York, took us for a ride through his neighborhood and explained why he’s taking a stand against the ethanol mandate, which is part of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), which forces biofuels like corn ethanol into the fuel supply.

Riding down the streets of Brooklyn, you can see Byrne’s passion for motorcycles and the freedom they represent. The RFS is strong arming bikers like Bill by forcing engine-damaging ethanol into our gas tanks. The standard ethanol blend (10 percent ethanol) is hard enough on motorcycle’s fuel systems, but the corn ethanol lobby is getting greedy and trying to use the RFS to push even higher blends (up to 15 percent ethanol) into the marketplace, protecting nothing but their own bottom line. And as Bill will tell you, “That’s not what America is about.”

And Bill isn’t alone in his fight. The American Motorcyclist Association and its member riders have been speaking out against the policy for years, the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute warns against filling up household tools like lawn mowers and snow blowers with the stuff and AAA has warned all motorists of the dangers of misfueling.

Watch Bill’s video and then find out if your Representatives have taken a stand against the RFS.