‘Tis the Season… For RFS Reform

December 21, 2017

It’s the holiday season! That means spending quality time with family and friends, singing carols and, for some of us, telling Santa what we’d like under the tree…

For those of you with a motorcycle, boat, snow blower, lawn mower or other outdoor power equipment on your wish list, it’s important to know that the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) could be standing between you and your holiday cheer.

Fuel blended with more than 10 percent ethanol can be corrosive to small engines, and thanks to the RFS, more and more biofuels are flooding our fuel supply, leaving many people at risk for misfueling and irreparable engine damage. While many Americans will be putting everything from ATVs to vintage vehicles and hot rods on their Christmas lists, Santa won’t be there to foot the bill for damages if misfueling occurs.

We asked our audience to tell us about their experiences with the RFS. We heard from people all over the country who are sick and tired of engine damage as a result of the ethanol mandates. See what William, Jane and Larry are asking Santa for this holiday season:

William from New Canaan, Connecticut wants E0 fuel for his boat
“I am a member of a volunteer organization which has a boat with an inboard motor. [Because of engine damage] we had to clean out EVERYTHING that the fuel touched – the tank, the fuel lines and the carbs. It was costly and took a long time. Also, our range per tank has been diminished, so we have to buy more fuel. And now we have to put stabilizer in the fuel! What a waste! Please let us get back to pure fuel.”

Jane from Spring Hill, Tennessee wants a new weedwhacker and lawnmower
“It was only last year that I finally learned why I had purchased 3 weedwhackers, only to have them become unstartable shortly thereafter.  It’s the flip side of the things that no one in Washington ever thinks through before pushing their great ideas on the masses.”

Larry from Springfield, MO wants a repair for his vintage car
“My vintage car engine and truck engines have been corroded and gas tanks eroded … The economic loss to me personally has been significant and I strongly oppose the mandatory ethanol fuels without equally affordable non-ethanol fuels also being made readily available.”

While members of our audience may look to Santa to replace their engines, it’s on all of us to call on the people who can replace this broken policy – Congress. Fill out your information below to call on Congress to bring you the best gift – a reformed Renewable Fuel Standard.